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not to be that person but im going to be that person for a second…..spacing out for one second is not dissociating

It is. It just isn’t also an absolute indication that something is wrong. It’s like how it’s normal for nuerotypical people to stim sometimes too.

“Disassociation” is a spectrum. It’s a self-defense mechanism, and your body may enact it to defend against something as simple as boredom - or as terrible as horrific, ongoing trauma. On the far non-pathological end, daydreaming while driving is disassociation. When you get to depersonalization or derealization, where you feel like yourself or the world isn’t real and doesn’t exist, that’s more pathological. And at the far pathological end, you have dissociative identity disorder, where the mind has fragmented into multiple senses of self.

Now, infrequently “spacing out” does not mean you have clinically relevant dissociation, which is probably what OP meant to say. But it is not incorrect to call it disassociation. Not all disassociation is pathological.

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