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this is so wild and i’m so into it

me and my wife walk into this hotel for our honeymoon dressed as han solo and luke skywalker and all of the hotel employees have to be like “congratulations on your gay wedding, butch lesbian han and non-binary luke, here are the keys to the millennium falcon honeymoon suite, also thank you for saving the galaxy, you’re heroes” and i (luke) lower my prada shades and say “i’m no hero, i wake up in the morning and put my louboutin boots on one leg at a time just like anybody else” and then i tighten up the sash on my custom leather balmain bodysuit and i march over to the elevators with my aforementioned louboutin boots clicking conspicuously on the marble floor, arm in arm with my wife han solo, and then we zoot up to the penthouse floor and hang the do not disturb sign on the door of the millennium falcon honeymoon suite and then we just bang in the cockpit and play holochess for a week solid

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